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Silverstone Solicitors are specialists in Housing and Landlord & Tenant Law with a wealth of expertise in dealing with this complex area of law. Whether you are a landlord, estate agent, property owner, letting, managing, or estate agent, surveyor, landlord, or tenant involved with commercial or residential property, we have the skills and experience to bring or defend a range of claims. As trusted landlord and tenant solicitors in Luton, we are dedicated to providing tailored legal solutions to meet your needs.

Specialists in Landlord & Tenant Issues

Silverstone Solicitors is a leading law firm in Bedfordshire that specialises in housing and landlord and tenant law, and with the team that possess extensive experience traversing this complex area of the law. Whether you are involved in commercial or residential property as a landlord, estate agent, property owner, sublet agent, managing agent, surveyor, tenant, or landlord, we have the expertise and capabilities to prosecute or defend a wide range of claims.

Free Advice From UK’s Top Landlord and Tenant Solicitors

Silverstone Solicitors welcomes you to drop by our office for personalised legal guidance. Feel free to swing by any Friday between 14:00 to 17:00 for a complimentary consultation with our expert advisors.

Whether you’re facing a complex legal issue or just need some clarity on a matter, our team is here to assist you. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your concerns and explore your options in a welcoming and professional environment. We look forward to assisting you with any legal queries you may have!

Legal Aid - Extended Help From Expert Tenant and Landlord Lawyers

Silverstone Solicitors are housing Legal Aid providers and may be able to advise you under the Legal Aid scheme if you qualify for the Legal Aid. If you qualify for the Legal you do have to pay your legal costs and we will claim our legal costs from the Legal Aid Agency.

Silverstone Solicitors are housing Legal Aid providers and may be able to advise you under the Legal Aid scheme if you qualify for the Legal Aid. If you qualify for the Legal Aid then you do have to pay your legal costs and we will claim our legal costs from the Legal Aid Agency.

other funding options

If not eligible for Legal Aid, we still offer assistance through alternative funding options for your case.

  • Fixed Fee or hourly rate

Our Services For Tenants

  • Defending possession proceedings: Contesting legal actions to reclaim property.
  • Rent arrears: Unpaid rent owed to a landlord.
    Mortgage arrears: Outstanding payments due on a mortgage.
  • Anti-social behaviour: Disruptive or harmful conduct in a community.
    Succession: Transfer of tenancy rights upon the death of a tenant.
  • Evictions and applications for re-entry: Legal processes for removing tenants and seeking re-entry to property.
    Unlawful eviction: Illegal removal of a tenant from their home.
    Disrepair in the property: Property maintenance issues affecting habitability.
  • Homelessness – challenging local authority decisions on review and appeal, homeless advice.
  • Challenges to the suitability of temporary accommodation: Contesting the appropriateness of temporary housing provided by authorities.

our services for Landlords

  • Start possession proceedings: Initiating legal action to regain possession of a property from a tenant.
  • Illegal eviction: Unlawfully removing a tenant from their residence without following proper legal procedures.

Why Choose Silverstone Solicitors? ​

We have a strong track record of success for our clients in a variety of landlord and tenant litigation cases. Whatever your position, we want to help you obtain the finest outcomes in the most efficient manner possible.

We deal with a diverse range of customers, from individual renters to portfolio landlords and everyone in between. Our customers come from all across the UK, and whilst we are situated in Luton, we can provide landlord and tenant legal advice throughout the country. Contact us and book your appointment today!

How We Deal with Our Clients with Landlord and Tenant Issues?

  • Before going to a session, you will be given an initial phone call to get to know your counsel and for our lawyers to get a thorough grasp of your situation.
  • We never sell you a dream; our staff will always be absolutely honest and realistic about the merits of your case. We will never take on a case unless it has a relatively high possibility of victory.
  • We practise genuine fairness and openness when it comes to charges; we will always offer you clear information about our fees and a reasonable estimate of our costs upfront, including any possible disbursements such as court fees or enforcement procedures.
  • Your case is important – whether you are a landlord, tenant, or property management, we will always treat you with decency and respect while offering the finest specialised legal advice for your situation.


What other options exist for resolving disputes between landlords and tenants?
The specific procedure varies depending on the nature of the disagreement; for instance, there exists a distinct Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Condition Claims for disrepair issues. Typically, the process initiates with negotiations between the involved parties to attempt to reach an agreement on resolving the matter.
For private tenancy disputes, mediation provides a constructive avenue, allowing parties to address issues with impartial mediator assistance. Council tenancy disputes often follow the council’s complaints process, with arbitration as a potential recourse. Arbitration, akin to a court proceeding, involves a trained arbitrator hearing both sides before rendering a decision. Our tenancy solicitors excel in alternative dispute resolution, prioritizing optimal outcomes through the most suitable methods.

How long does a tenant dispute take?
Determining the duration of a tenancy dispute entails considering numerous factors pivotal to its resolution.
The timeline for resolution is influenced by issue complexity, timing of counsel, party willingness to compromise, and potential for settlement. Negotiation resolves disputes quicker than court proceedings, which entail waiting for a date and can significantly prolong resolution. Silverstone Solicitors prioritizes expediting the resolution of landlord and tenant disputes, ensuring cost-effectiveness and safeguarding clients’ rights.

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