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Have you recently vacated a rental property that does not meet your expectations? Have you ever informed your landlord about maintenance issues but received no response or taken no action to rectify the situation? You may then have a valid claim for housing deterioration. Silverstone Solicitors are here to help you with our expert housing disrepair solicitors, just a call away.

Housing Disrepair Solicitors In Luton

Repair duties are typically included as an implicit provision in the terms of the tenancy agreement. The landlord is obligated to maintain the structural integrity and external appearance of the property, as well as ensure the proper functioning of all utilities (water, gas, electricity, sanitation, space heating, and thermal water) that are installed on the premises.

A landlord is not permitted to enter into a contract that releases them from providing appropriate repairs. The lease provisions will stipulate the freeholder’s repair obligations if you are the owner of a leasehold property.

Contingent on the source of the issues within your domicile, we might be able to file a claim with the county court for monetary compensation and an injunction to complete the necessary repairs. On the contrary, under certain circumstances, you may also litigate housing dereliction claims in the Magistrates Court.

Housing Legal Advice From Expert Housing Disrepair Solicitors

Silverstone Solicitors invites you to our office for personalised legal advice with home deterioration issues. Make a call on any Friday between 14:00 and 17:00 for a free consultation with one of our expert housing disrepair solicitors. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult housing issue or need advice on repairs, our staff is here to assist you.

Take advantage of this chance to express your concerns and discuss potential solutions in a supportive and professional environment. We gladly await the opportunity to answer any house repair questions you may have!

Win Your Case Free Of Cost

Silverstone Solicitors are housing Legal Aid providers and may be able to advise you under the Legal Aid scheme if you qualify for Legal Aid. If you qualify for Legal Aid you do not have to pay your legal costs and we will claim our legal costs from the Legal Aid Agency

If your case is not under the scope of Legal Aid or you are not eligible for Legal Aid due to your income or your case may not under the scope of Legal Aid eligibility, we may still help you with the following funding options:

  • Fixed Fee or hourly rate.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Housing Disrepair Solicitors?

Our expert team of solicitors will analyse and draft the case in a manner that enhances the chances of winning, including:

  • Reporting maintenance concerns to landlords and agents.
  • Housing deterioration allegations made to councils and other local authorities.
  • The Pre-action Process for Disrepair (often dubbed the ‘home repair methodology’)
    Letters precede action.
  • Negotiation with landlords.
  • Filing a claim for home deterioration with the County Court might result in rent reductions and compensation.
  • Negotiating Early Surrender.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Housing Disrepair Solicitors?

Silverstone Solicitors is a forward-thinking law firm that has a proven track record of success for its clients. We have extensive experience in housing law, along with industry-leading knowledge in many other areas where our customers often need assistance, such as immigration and family law.

We assure our customers:

A first phone conversation to grasp your challenges and precisely what assistance you want.
Honest, practical advice on what we can give and what you may expect to accomplish.
Fair, clear pricing, to ensure that you know what you’ll need to pay right away.
Proactive communication ensures that you are never left wondering what is going on or having to pursue our staff.
Respectful treatment at all stages of your case.

What You Can Expect From Our Expert Housing Disrepair Solicitors?

The details of a housing disrepair claim depends on the circumstances, but the following are some potential actions:

  • Notify your landlord of the situation in question, preferably accompanied by photographic evidence.
  • Consult a lawyer if your landlord fails to take the necessary action; they can provide assistance in drafting a letter prior to taking legal action, which would inform your landlord of your intention to file a claim for damages for repairs that remain unresolved.
  • A letter before action often leads to negotiations between your solicitor and the landlord, potentially resolving most claims.

  • If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, it may be necessary to file your claim in county court. Having the highest probability of a favourable resolution, your solicitors will represent you at all proceedings and aid in the preparation of your case.

We acknowledge that clients are frequently apprehensive about the potential repercussions of filing dilapidations claims on their landlord-tenant relationship and their ability to continue residing in the property. Rest assured that our team approaches these matters with utmost sensitivity and will collaborate closely with you to determine the most suitable course of action for your case.


What is Penetrating Damp?
Dampness arises when structural housing deterioration permits water to infiltrate the building from the exterior. Typically, structural defects in the building, such as defective guttering or roofing, are the source of penetrating moisture. The maintenance of such components falls under the purview of the proprietor or freeholder.

Are there limitations on what you can pursue in a housing disrepair claim?

You can only file a claim for damages to your property resulting from disrepair. You cannot file a claim for housing neglect if an intrinsic flaw in the property, not caused by poor condition, is the issue.

Legislation like The Homes Act 2018 might permit claims under environmental health or fitness for human habitation laws.

What is condensation based damp?
This occurs when the moisture in your home is not the result of water penetrating from the outside, but rather is the result of indoor conditions. This could be the result of inadequate ventilation or shoddy design.

Because condensation moisture does not result from deterioration, you cannot include it in a claim for deterioration. Nonetheless, environmental health legislation or The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, may provide grounds for a claim.

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