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We specialise in civil litigation and represent clients across a broad spectrum of associated proceedings. We provide a detailed understanding on the different features of litigation and what effect it can have on the client. Litigation matters require thorough scrutiny of every issue involved because if a claim fails, causing the great risk of having to pay the opponent’s legal costs.

Civil Litigation

We at Silverstone Solicitors have an impressive track record in dealing with a wide range of civil litigation cases. We understand that budget is important and will always advise our client’s whether legal costs are likely to be proportionate at the outset of their case. Whether you are issuing a claim, or defending a claim, you can rely on our expertise in negotiation to seek settlement where possible.

In most cases we also offer preliminary fee consultations. This will help you to understand the legal and practical issues relating to your case and allow you to make an informed decision about what action to take.

We specialise in the following Services:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Contract
  • Company & Commercial
  • Defamation
  • Debt Recovery & Enforcement
  • Fraud
  • Professional Negligence

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